We aim for a 100% meat-free diet, says Impossible Foods CEO

Pat Brown, founder of ‘futuristic’ Impossible Foods said in an interview that the company’s life mission is to replace all animal ingredients with plant-based alternatives.

As plant-based economy blooms thanks to an increasing interest in a more sustainable, ethical and healthy lifestyle, meatless burgers that bleed, taste and cook like traditional ones are hitting the news.

Impossible Foods’ CEO Pat Brown revealed in an interview to the Guardian, “The ultimate goal is to develop a way to produce all the foods we traditionally get from animals much more sustainably using scalable ingredients from plants and make these foods delicious, nutritious and affordable.

“If we succeed completely in that there would obviously still be cows, pigs and chickens but they would not be a significant part of the food system but kept around because they are interesting creatures.”

Brown added that the Impossible Burger is a safer and healthier alternative to meat ones as it contains no cholesterol and doesn’t carry “intrinsic safety issues” typical of animal food’s production.

The new generations of vegan burgers are very different from the classic veggie burgers, as they appeal to meat eaters who want or need to reduce their animal protein intake, without giving up the taste and flavour of meat.

To capture the whole market you have to deliver whatever it is that consumers value from that category of product. People have been making veggie burgers forever but not trying to make something that replicates the crave-able experience that meat lovers enjoy”, Brown said.

Over the past few years, products such as the Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger have gone mainstream, reaching shops, restaurants and fast foods in the US.

Beyond Burgers now appear in the meat aisle of Safeway and Wholefoods, as well as on many meat restaurants’ menus, as the company hopes to soon reach Europe.


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